Parents Guide

Learning through Play

The Paradise Horse Club™ is an educational play site. While our primary goal is to provide a safe and fun online environment for your child, we also are dedicated to building activities that contribute to education and lifelong learning, enhance problem solving skills, provide the opportunity for social interaction, spur imagination and encourage responsibility.

At Paradise Horses™, we encourage serious horseplay.

Parental Involvement

You have our word that we're doing all we can for your child. Here are a few ways that you can also get involved.


Watch your child closely to determine where they are playing online. Help determine his or her skill level and favorite activities to ensure success and eliminate frustration. Set any time limits or restrictions in advance.


There are dangers in every part of our society. By educating your children to these dangers and taking appropriate steps to protect them, they can benefit from the wealth of information now available online.


Encourage offline play with Paradise Horses™ toys. Invite friends over to promote social interaction. Create settings where children can be creative scripting scenes, creating settings, researching proper horse care and generally using their imaginations.


Accentuate the positive. Use the Paradise Horse Club™ as a reward. Your child will be able to play only after he or she has finished homework, done chores, etc.



The Paradise Horse Club™ is a private user experience and interaction with others online is not possible. We collect only the necessary information to register members. We do not sell any personal information or contact details.

Our Promise

While part of the Paradise Horse Club™, we treat your children as we treat our own. Their safety, protection and happiness are our top priority. You have our word that your child will always come first.


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