About the club

The Paradise Horse Club

At the Paradise Horse Club™, you have a place to virtually bring your Paradise Horse or Pony to life - and meet other Paradise Horses™ owners.

Create a stable, gallop through the fields, take your animal to the vet, the beauty shop or blacksmith. Enter competitions, take pictures, and send messages. And if you take good care of your horse each and every day, win prizes and special tack & clothing for your stable.

Come on in and join now!

Our Members

All children can gallop on in to the Paradise Horse Club™ and become a member - adopt one of our horses and play throughout the site. While the Club is designed for 5-14 year olds, it is open to children of all ages.

If you'd like to find out where you can get one of your very own Paradise Horses or Ponies, click here.

Our Benefits

We're passionate about everything horses - and we want to extend that passion to you. Making the horse ownership experience available to every child, passes along the feelings of love, responsibility and dedication that all good horse owners have. We hope that by providing a fun and safe environment for children, we're also teaching some of the key values we all need to be happy and successful.

Our Assurance

The Paradise Horse Club™ is a safe and friendly interactive world for children and their Paradise Horses and Ponies. We are dedicated to protecting your children and promoting responsibility - just like we would for our own.


Corporate Info

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